From The Secretary

My Brethren one and all,

The calendar said Spring came on March 20th. I think it was washed away before it arrived. Please drive carefully as water has flooded many low areas. Also, please attend the church of your choice on Easter to honor the supreme sacrifice made for all of us.

Our Spaghetti Fundraiser was a great success thanks to many hard working Brothers, area supporters and the donations from our local Food Lion Grocery store. Once again the Jobs Daughters provided delightful goodies that complimented our dinner.

We will have a busy Stated this month. We will be recognizing more Eagle Scouts and balloting on more petitions for membership. If current trends continue we will be approaching 160 members soon. Our line of officers and those enquiring about Membership ensure we will continue to thrive.

Our monthly District School of Instruction will be held at the DuPont Temple on the 23rd. Start time is 7:00 p.m. as usual. Join us and brush up on the Ritual or learn a chair in the line. I always pick up on something at the school. Last but not least, I still have Dues Cards waiting for their owners to come claim them. Recently I sent out reminder letters to several delinquent Brothers in hopes of avoiding further action in the future.

Question of the Month
Why do the keys on a drive up ATM have Braille on them? (Scary!!!!)

Stay Healthy and Safe