History of Prince George Masonic Lodge No. 115

In the year 1854, a group of Master Masons living in the vicinity of Prince George Court House saw the need for a Masonic lodge. They proceeded to draw up a request for dispensation to meet and work as a Masonic body at Prince George Court House. After obtaining recommendations from Andrews Lodge No. 29, at City Point, Virginia, and Petersburg Lodge No. 15, Petersburg, Virginia, the Grand Master of Masons in Virginia granted the prayer of these brethren.

The first meeting was held with dispensation at Prince George Court House on September 5th, 1854. At this meeting a committee was appointed to draw up the By-laws and report at the next meeting to be held on September 20th, 1854.

Disputanta Train Depot 1892-1894

The committee having performed their duty, Prince George Lodge adopted its first set of By-laws. Immediately following the adoption of them the election of the first set of officers resulted in: Samuel H. Jones, Master; Robert Gilliam, Senior Warden; Theo. A. Hall, Junior Warden; S. Walsh, Secretary; William Jones, Treasurer; Nicholas Fenn, Senior Deacon; William Wells, Junior Deacon; Samuel Walsh, Chaplain; and William Bonner, Tyler.

The passing of Thomas J. Young, and E.A. to F.C. was their next order of business and in due time Brother Young was, on December 6th, 1854, the first o be made a Master Mason by Prince George Lodge.

On December 6th, 1854, a motion was carried that the Master Prince George Lodge at the Grand Lodge of Virginia, and was instructed to try to obtain a Charter. This was done and December 13th, 1854, a Charter was issued to Prince George Lodge No. 115 A.F. & A.M. by the Grand Lodge of Virginia, and on January 3rd, 1855, Rt. Worshipful P.B. Starke, D.D.G.M. of District 5, installed the officers.

The original membership came from two different lodges. Six members hailing from Andrews Lodge No. 29, City Point, Virginia, and five from Petersburg Lodge No. 15, Petersburg, Virginia. These eleven members were apparently correct in an endeavor to form their lodge for on April 15th, 1856, the Corner Stone was laid for a temple at Prince George Court House. It is assumed that the temple was completed at Prince George and that the lodge held its meeting in this temple for some 35 years. A petition for a new lodge was presented on September 26th, 1891, and this petition was voted on and passed November 28th, 1891, to move to Disputanta. Virginia, for twelve months. Then on February 25th, 1893, it was voted to remain at Disputanta, Virginia for another twelve months. It was on November 24th, 1894, that the motion was made to move back to Prince George Court House and this motion was carried on December 22nd, 1894, and brother Wm. H. C. Spicer was appointed to move the furniture to Prince George for the January stated meeting. At this writing it has not been determined whether the lodge moved into the original building or some other structure. However, the lodge held its meeting at Prince George Court House for some thirteen years. It was on January 24th, 1907, that the membership voted to move back to Disputanta, Virginia, and held their next meeting on February 29th, 1907, at Disputanta, Virginia. Further research might bring to light an interesting answer to the fate of the temple at Prince George Court House and also to the question as to how, when, and from what source the temple at Disputanta was obtained. It is conclusive that the Prince George Lodge owned their temple in Disputanta, Virginia, for on March 1st, 1928, the minutes record the purchase of the lodge by a Mr. L. Grammer for the price of $1200.00. There can also be found in the minutes recordings of having rented the lower floor of the temple at Prince George to the Bland Township for the purpose of holding a school. Conceivably, Prince George Lodge could have at one time owned two temples. However, there does not appear to be any record of any work being done at Prince George Court House after January 24th, 1907, except for a One Hundred Anniversary celebration which was held at Prince George High School on September 3rd, 1954.

Worshipful Albert Q. Livesay, on July 3rd. 1930, presented a resolution which was seconded by Wor. L. W. Morris to purchase the Farmers Bank Building at Disputanta, Virginia. This resolution passed and the Farmers Bank Building was purchased from the Bank of Southslde Virginia, Prince George, Virginia, and the lodge held its meeting in this building through March 2nd, 1978.

Jordon E. Wood, Jr.

Updated History of Prince George Lodge No. 115


I will attempt to bring the History of Prince George Lodge No 115 up to the present time. After the completion of the new building on State Road 644, they held their first meeting on April 6th, 1978. The Lodge has steadily progressed. The Lodge has been very fortunate with its leaders. There has been a steady line of young Masons going through the line. It is one of the fortunate Lodges that has not had to rely on its Past Masters. The Lodge has really matured. I will not mention any names because someone will be left out.

There has been a lot of interest in masonry in this lodge from the Community. The membership has continued to grow very fast compared to the other Lodges in the District. I must mention the dedication of the Instructors, Stewards in the kitchen and the formation of the Craftsmen's Club. The Fundraisers they have every year, the involvement in the Community, the yearly Blood Drive, Scholarship Program, Annual Picnic, and the support of its widows, all contribute to the success of this Lodge. It is the dedication of these brethren that has helped in the growth of this Lodge. I congratulate all of the Worshipful Masters and members that have led this Lodge to its present level. I am very proud to say that Prince George Lodge No. 115 is one of the most active Lodges in the 29th Masonic District and one of the largest in membership. If Masonry is to survive, it is Lodges like Prince George No. 115 that will be carrying the banner.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Westfall

Anniversary Committee Chairman

Other Prince George County and 115 Lodges

The first lodge in Prince George County was Cabin Point Lodge No. 8, which was located at Cabin Point, Prince George County from April 1775 until Dec.1848.

The first No. 115 was Goochland Lodge No. 115, which met at Goochland Courthouse from Dec. 18, 1819 until December 1848.

Prince George Lodge No. 148 met at City Point from December 1827 until December 1851.

Brandon Lodge No. 192 located at Brandon Church, Prince George County from December 1875 until February 1945.