From The East

Greetings Brethren,

It’s hard to believe that is June already! Memorial Day has just passed and I’m sure you all join me in honoring those that gave their lives in service of this country. May God bless their souls and their families left behind. I was told that my year as worshipful master would move quickly and I must agree that is true. This year has moved at a blinding pace so far. We have a busy second half of the year to look forward to, beginning with our fish fry fundraiser on Saturday June 1. Please help support this effort any way that you can as it helps us maintain some of the lowest dues in the district.

The stated communication for June is shaping up nicely with the usual business at hand. One note to mention actually concerns the July stated. It falling on July 4, I requested and received special dispensation to move that communication one week later to July 11. Please make note of this change on your calendars.

As we move forward into the second half of the year I want thank everyone for the support, understanding, and advice that I have received thus far. I look forward to the remainder of 2019 and I hope you do as well.